The future of photo booths is here.
Photo booths don't have to be big, complicated or hard to set up.
Make your next event awesome.

Corporate Photo Booth Hire London

1.8 billion photos are uploaded to the internet each day. These are your customers taking and sharing photos. Enter VIP GIF Booth, our world-class photo booth platform that lets your customers take awesome photos while you control the medium with an exciting branded experience.

VIP GIF takes upto six photos in quick sequence, does some GIF-Y magic and voila the GIF is created.

Users create awesome photos and share their experiences online across social media…live during your event campaign

If you’re a Brand Marketer, real time event campaign coverage with your brand connected to it is just ROI heaven. Your online reach has just magnified and your brand is going viral


  1. Simple to run – Easy to use interface
  2. Instant sharing – Email and text message animated GIFs straight to the user
  3. Data Capture – we can enable data capture such as name, date of birth, email or mobile number. Great to build client distribution lists for future marketing!
  4. Social interaction – attendees can share via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with one touch
  5. Brand exposure – branded GIFs are shared with the user and beyond!
  6. Measure user engagement – through a Social Analytics report
  7. Draws a crowd – because it’s FUN!
Group shot of guests using the Paparazzi VIP GIF Photo Booth at a party
Shot of a guest using the Paparazzi VIP GIF Selfie Photo Booth at a children's party


  1. Brand the experience with custom logo branding, messaging and photo filters
  2. Online analytics track shares, likes and views to measure social engagement reach
  3. Unlimited text messaging and email lets users view photos instantly and share online direct from their own phone
  4. Instagram-ready optimization crops photos and converts GIFs to video
  5. Real-time gallery page is styled to fit the look and feel of your brand
  6. GIFs or Photos content creator – fully customisable


Social media is awesome. So why not use this fingertipping power and brand your GIFs with a company logo or hashtag for your customers to instantly share online with their friends and circles.

Increase followers and boost online brand exposure instantly during an event.
Online customised branded web gallery is constantly updated with new GIFs/images being taken.

social-media-management icon
Paparazzi VIP GIF Photo Booth installed at the Salesforce London Offices for a private corporate event


  • We can give you detailed sharing statistics from the Facebook shares, including impressions, comments, likes, gender, and age
  • We can also provide you with detailed statistics on the use of your GIF booth, including number of prints, shares, and visits

The VIP GIF Booth is perfect for:

  1. Corporate events
  2. Marketing events
  3. Brand Activations
  4. Roadshows
  5. Major ad hoc events
  6. Brand exposure days
  7. Exhibitions
  8. Red Carpet Events
  9. Parties – just for fun!
Photo of GIF photo booth in use by two women
gif booth guests having fun


  • You can capture data during an event such as name/email/date of birth/mobile number to add to a mailing list (GDPR compliant)
  • We can customise this experience just for you
  • All this data is then delivered to you in a spreadsheet ready for you to use
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