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Social Media and Branding
Social Media is an awesome marketing tool. The VIP GIF Booth + your company or event logo + hashtag = Social Amplification. An Instant Experience Creators!

200 Branded Photos Shared=

40,000 Facebook Impressions

5,000 Photo Likes

1000+ Comments and Interactions

Selfie GIF Photo Booths

GIFs are ruling the internet…so it only made sense that we bring this into the world of photo booths. Forget the large, clunky, passport style photo booths. It’s all about the ultra-light, portable and easy to use VIP GIF Booth.

VIP GIF takes up to six photos in quick sequence, does some GIF-Y magic and voila the GIF is created. This can then be sent via text or email ready to instantly share online.The latest technology creating awesome experiences for all. We love a good GIF. Make your next event awesome and hire a VIP GIF for your occasion. Experiential Marketing & Product Activation at ITS BEST!

Brand Agency or Experiential Campaign

If you are a digital marketer creating the next best experiential campaign, or even involved in a new product launch… photography is a must in todays’ world.

Our latest technology will ensure your message as amplified across all the popular social networks. Generate thousands of photo impressions, engaging social content that is “liked”, commented on and shared by consumers. Watch as your online campaign reach is amplified by branded GIFs.

Experience Creator

The future of photo of booths.  Light, portable and super fun.  Watch guests come back over and over again.

GIFs Rule

Lighting is key… so it makes sense that our special beauty halo ring ensures every picture looks flawless. I mean we do live in Selfie times, a factor which encourages people to use it many times!

Instant Social Sharing

Guests can instantly receive their images/GIF via text or email for instant social sharing. Watch your social analytics go through the roof!

Marketing ROI

An average 200 GIFs shared online will reach over 40,000 impressions and reach. Now THAT is Digital Marketing at your fingertips (literally!)


GIFs are meant to be shared online instantly. But, if you want a bit of both worlds, then you can have them printed ready to take take home.

We have worked with numerous high profile companies and covered exclusive client brand launches. The share rate of GIFs, Boomerangs and still photos left clients very impressed with an increase in customer engagement.


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