What is a GIF Photo Booth?

The VIP GIF Photo Booth (otherwise known as a Selfie Booth, Selfie Pod or even a Boomerang Photo Booth) creates awesome moving content of your guests that they will LOVE to share. Guests simply tap the screen, and get ready to create their GIF photo.  Add hashtags, branding, some cool looking props and endless fun creating hilarious GIFs sent direct to guests’ mobile ready to share online.
The future of photo booths has arrived!!

The Gallery of GIFs

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fun fun FUUUUUUN!!!

What's included

Set up and Delivery


Super large awesome prop box

Online viewing gallery

Download link of all the photos and GIFs taken

GIF or Boomerang?

Because they are AWESOME!!

There are two types of GIF to choose from, Boomerang or GIF. The Boomerang photo booth takes the animations which go back and forward so it’s great for doing things like blowing kisses to the camera or doing a high five. A GIF photo booth takes 3 or 4 static images and puts them together into a moving image. They are really fun for weddings where your guests might try and change props for each photo! We love a good Boomi!


Online Sharing!

Event Type

WOW…where do we start! The VIP GIF Photo Booth is designed to be slick, compact and fit in anywhere (literally!). Perfect for retail stores, social media campaigns, product launches and even experiential marketing events. The freestanding GIF booth is designed to be unmanned for medium to long term brand activations. Great for retail and fashion spaces, cinemas, festivals, exhibitions and even bars and clubs to maximise their online brand exposure and reach. With its data GDPR data capture features and social analytics reporting, its THE perfect way to raise brand awareness while having engaging fun at the same time.


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